Well, That Didn’t Work

As late as March of this year it still seemed feasible. The Beast would not be finished but it would be drivable (safely and with dependability) by the first of May in time for the Route 66 Fun Run. It just needed a wiring harness, new gauges, and installation of a...

Celebrating The Holidays In The Year of Apocalypse

In my short time here on planet earth I have survived a couple of hurricanes and tornados, an ill advised attempt to earn my pay on the rodeo circuit, several car accidents, an epic desert dust storm or two, a few blizzards in the north country, a couple of wild...

The Phoenix

We are living through one of the most fascinating, most unnerving, most trans-formative periods the world has seen since at least WWII. To be honest I would rather be reading about it in history books rather than watching it unfold. I would like to skip to the end of...

We Have Nothing To Fear (Just Kidding)

Am I the only one that feels like a rabid bear is chasing me but with my shoe laces tied together, and a bag with a wolverine in one hand and a bag with a bobcat in the other, it is becoming increasingly hard to keep the panic in check? Still, the show must go on. And...

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Murder, Mayhem & Road Trips

Murder, Mayhem & Road Trips

On the evening of October 4, 1919, about twenty-five miles west of Seligman behind a small hill along the National Old Trails Road, predecessor to Route 66, a shepherd tending a flock made a startling discovery: the smoldering body of a man. Yavapai County sheriff...

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Walking Shoes, Neon Nights & A Few Updates

Walking Shoes, Neon Nights & A Few Updates

In regards to longevity and a very active and productive life, I would not mind emulating Ezra Meeker. However, even though I have long been a fan of the extended walkabout and often give thought to traveling Route 66 in a Model T, Model A, or Hudson Super Six, coast to coast adventures of an epic nature like the ones that Meeker made are not on my to do list. 

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