Route 66 centennial

Route 66 – No Mere Highway

Route 66 is not America’s most scenic highway. And there are a number of American highways that link Norman Rockwell type towns where the neon still glows bright. But there is only one Route 66 infused with an infectious magic.

Sharing America’s Story

For more than twenty years, the Jim Hinckley’s America tag line has been, “Telling People Where to Go Since 1990.” With the launch of this podcast we have added to that with the slogan “…and sharing America’s story.”

Road Trips, Paychecks & Good Friends

Over the years I have tried various ways to earn a dollar. Except for the stories and the friends made along the way, I never got rich. There was a brief time that it looked like politics might be the meal ticket. I was the committeeman for my district, and was...
A Little Slight of Hand

A Little Slight of Hand

He was a master salesman and the general manager of a used car lot that proved time and again he was an ethically challenged individual. I witnessed a couple that was in search of an economy car leave in a Cadillac Fleetwood. And a young couple in search of a family...

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Confused, Confusing & Baffling

At any age dealing with a world that has changed dramtically since last Thursday can be confusing as well as a source of anxiety. Still, for us folk that are old enough to remember battles with a sister or two in a station wagon without air conditioning during a...

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Times Change

Counted among the many lessons that can be learned from history is that times change. Life on Route 66 in 1930 was different from life on Route 66 in 1950. And life on Route 66 in 2022 is dramatically different from life on that storied highway in 1950, 1970 or even...

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Good Times, Good Friends & Route 66

After a two year hiatus courtesy COVID 19, the annual Route 66 Fun once again transformed almost 150 scenic miles of Route 66 in western Arizona into a lving time capsule. The Historic Route 66 Association of Arizona, the hosting organization, hasn't provided a tally...

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Dusty Gems

Dusty gems abound along the Route 66 corridor (Andy Devine Avenue) in Kingman, Arizona. Each is a tangible link to the glory days of this storied highway. Each tantalizes the imagination. With thought given to the fast approaching Route 66 centennial, each quickens...

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The Contest Begins!

The Contest Begins!

My latest book, Here We Are ... On Route 66, released at the end of January is not a travel guide. But I am confident that it will inspire a road trip or two. And I am going to give away an autographed copy to the first person who can solve a Route 66 puzzle. Here is...

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