It Started With A Typewriter

If this story opened like a film noir classic such as The Big Sleep starring Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall, the first line would be, "It started with a typewriter, advice from a trusted friend, troubled thoughts, and reflection." The opening would continue with,...

From The Shadows To The Spotlight

Well, the verdict is in. Author Cheryl Eichar Jett who is also an historian, playwright, founder and President, Route 66 Miles of Possibility, and Associate Editor, ROUTE Magazine, sent an email last evening. She shared the results of the survey from the recent Miles...

A Grand Adventure

As with the Edsel introduced in late 1957, Chrysler launched an extensive promotional and marketing campaign before the public was even given a glimpse of the Airflow. Since this was the first new model of a production car that was designed with engineering focused on...

A Long And Winding Road

It opened in 1947, or maybe 1952 as the Marble Motel. Or maybe the facade was remodeled in 1952. It’s early history is a bit of mystery. But there is no mystery about the value of the treasure that is Earl’s Motor Court at 512 E. 3rd Street on Route 66 in Winslow, Arizona. It is priceless. And it is the oldest operating motel in this historic town rooted in territorial Arizona history. 

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Lost Highways, Time Capsules & Ghost Towns

But this has been an adventure on lost highways lined with ghost towns. It has been a voyage of discovery as we found not one, but two great places for superb enchiladas. And on our journey through the desolate Panhandle of Oklahoma, we discovered the charming and delightful Vanilla Bean Cafe in Alva. 

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And That Is A Wrap

And That Is A Wrap

The colorful murals, the eclectic shops and museums, and diverse array of restaurants, bars, and coffee shops make it a place that is hard to leave. If I had one complaint about Pontiac it would be that is in Illinois, and I don’t do winter. I am a desert rat. 

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An Inspirational Tale, Future History Stories & Route 66

The conference opened with Stephanie Stuckey who gave a most interesting presentation about her namesake company. The story she told was a love letter to her grandfather that had launched the company and proved himself adept at adapting to changing times. It was also a study in how a company dies when it becomes a brand severed from the original vision.

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The Magic, And The Business, of Route 66

The Magic, And The Business, of Route 66

This week Pontiac, Illinois is host city for the seventh annual Miles of Possibility Conference. As this charming town has come to symbolize how the Route 66 renaissance can fuel revitalization of a blighted historic district and provide a community with an economic...

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Not Our Best Aventure (And Not Our Worst)

It has been a voyage of discovery. The Cactus Rose Taproom on Main Street in McLean, Texas is a new addition in this faded old town. I will need to verify this, but purportedly it is the first bar in the town's history. And hands down it is one of most unusual...

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