Dusty Gems

Dusty gems abound along the Route 66 corridor (Andy Devine Avenue) in Kingman, Arizona. Each is a tangible link to the glory days of this storied highway. Each tantalizes the imagination. With thought given to the fast approaching Route 66 centennial, each quickens...

Bob Waldmire, The Green Book & A Mystery or Two

The mural by the iconic artist Bob Waldmire, a pioneer in the Route 66 renaissance movement, on the side of the old Tavern at TNT Auto Center is one of Kingman's treasures. Given the popularity of Waldmire's work the lack of official promotion for this gem has long...

Windows On The Past

Historic photos are fractions of time frozen forever. They are windows on the past. And they are puzzle pieces that when put with together with newspaper articles from that period, old letters, diaries and similar materials bring the picture into focus. As an example...

On The Trail

SAN JOSE RESIDENT ENDS LIFE IN ARIZONA - William A. Watkins Commits Suicide by Shooting Top of His Head Off in Kingman. KINGMAN. Ariz., March 31, 1901—William A. Watkins of San Jose. Cal., brother of H. H. Watkins. who Is manager of the Arizona National Bank and a...

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Route 66

It is the dawn of a new era on Route 66 in Kingman, Arizona. The town forever immortalized in a catchy tune about getting your kicks on Route 66 is embracing their historic connection to the storied highway in a very big way. As we move closer to the Route 66...

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The Empty Places

The centennial is fast approaching. How will it be celebrated? What does the future hold for this storied old highway? What will be preserved and what will be lost? The answers to these questions are as diverse as the communities along Route 66 and the reasons people...

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On The Road With Jim

For the Cerbat clan of the Hualapai people the desert oasis was the source of life giving waters. For travelers following the trade route to the Colorado River, and on to the coast of California the springs provided a welcome respite from the harsh desert. Purportedly...

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The Phoenix

The Phoenix

We are living through one of the most fascinating, most unnerving, most trans-formative periods the world has seen since at least WWII. To be honest I would rather be reading about it in history books rather than watching it unfold. I would like to skip to the end of...

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Great Pie, Excellent Tacos & The Best Beer

Great Pie, Excellent Tacos & The Best Beer

Ideas on what constitutes the ideal road trip are as varied as the people that embark on these adventures. However, most everyone will agree that two components needed to to ensure a memorable odyssey are unique restaurants that offer good food as well as regional...

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Eat, Sleep, Drive, Beat Gums and Repeat

Two weeks and four days. One minor blizzard. Torrential rain. Fascinating people. New discoveries. Just a hair over 5,000 miles driven. Endless road construction. Excellent pie (and huevos rancheros, tacos, stew, omelettes, Greek food, hamburgers, Polish food, beer …) and some very poor food. Book signings. A couple of conferences. A boondoggle presentation. Old friends. New friends. And lots of time for thinking. This is a bit of a long winded post but I do hope that you will read it in its entirety. 

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