100 Years

A centennial is 100 years. In 2026 the most famous highway in the United States, iconic Route 66, the Main Street of America, will be 100 years old, and people from throughout the world are already making plans for a pilgramage to celebrate this centennial milestone....

EV Adventure on Route 66

An EV adventure on Route 66. Me. The fellow that courted his dearest friend forty two years ago in a 1946 GMC. The same person that envisions an adventure on Route 66 during the centennial year in a 1929 Ford Model A just made a 400 mile trip from Kingman to Winslow,...

Road Trip

Road trip. Route 66, a highway, a television program, a road trip inspiring song and a destination. Memory making, epic adventures on the open road. It's as American as apple pie, hot dogs and a marketing campaign that encouraged people to see the U.S.A. in their...

Planes, Trains, Route 66 and St. Louis

Planes, trains, Route 66 and St. Louis were the topics of conversation with author and historian Joe Sonderman on the August 6, 2023 episode of Coffee With Jim. The program definitely provided me with added incentive to explore St. Louis during the Jim Hinckley's...

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The Torch Passes

As the Route 66 centennial approaches, the torch passes to a new generation. Many of the leaders in the preservation, the promotion and the development of Route 66 as an attraction for future generations were born after the highway was fully bypassed in October 1984....

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The Route 66 Centennial

The Route 66 Centennial

In 2026 the Route 66 centennial will spark the largest block party in American history. In preperation of this mega event the Illinois State Fairgrounds in Springfield is about to unveil the Route 66 Experience that was developed in partnership with Ace Sign Company....

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Conrad Shenfield: An Entrepreneurial Tale

Subjugation of the Hualapai people followed a brief war in the late 1860s. And as a result, over the course of the next twenty years the northwest corner of the Arizona territory was inundated with a veritable flood of prospectors, ranchers, miners, investors, crooks,...

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On The Shoulders of Giants

February 18, 1987. In the grand scheme of things that date isn't as momentous as June 6, 1944 or July 4, 1776. Still, on that cold February day a group of passionate and frustrated visionaries met at the Copper Cart restaurant in Seligman, Arizona. I don't think that...

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Casting A Long Shadow

The towering old stone hotel has been casting a long shadow in the historic heart of Kingman, Arizona since 1909. It is a tangible link to Arizona territorial history, a nearly forgotten chapter in Ford family history, and even with famous Hollywood celebrities. John...

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