Walking Shoes, Neon Nights & A Few Updates

Walking Shoes, Neon Nights & A Few Updates

He followed the Oregon Trail west years before the

Kingman, Arizona

The National Old Trails Highway at the dawning of Route 66 in Kingman, Arizona

American Civil War. Forty years after that conflict ended, he traveled from Oregon to Washington D.C. by ox cart. A few years later he made a similar trip and then in 1914, he toured the country by automobile. In 1919, he was lending a hand to his son that was building Camp Cajon in the Cajon Pass along the National Old Trails Road (Route 66 after 1926).

In regards to longevity and a very active and productive life, I would not mind emulating Ezra Meeker. However, even though I have long been a fan of the extended walkabout and often give thought to traveling Route 66 in a Model T, Model A, or Hudson Super Six, coast to coast adventures of an epic nature like the ones that Meeker made are not on my to do list.  (more…)