Faded Glory

There are few places that inspire reflection on the brevity of life like a ghost town or town that has been suffering from a downward spiral for a few decades. Stroll a street lined with empty storefronts, walk a sidewalk lined with foundations and tile entries enshrouded with weeds, or explore a long abandoned hotel where the rich and famous once stayed and see if you are not challenged to give thought to the finite number of years that we have here on earth. All of these empty places were once vibrant manifestations of a dream, of plans for a bright future.

I have long had a fascination for the empty places that are a stage where dreams and hopes, tragedies and disaster, life and death unfolded. They keep me grounded and from taking myself or my contributions to the grand scheme of things to seriously. They inspire me to dig for answers, to share forgotten stories, and take time for much needed reflection. (more…)

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