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Today seemed like a good day for an update as I have not posted a “Week in Review” type of entry for sometime. So, what we have is a mixed bag as evidenced by the odd array of illustrations.
Lets start with the calendar. For more years than I care to count odds and ends such as this have found their way into my file cabinets and then subsequently into features or books I write.
I purchased this interesting Route 66 related calendar specifically for use as an illustration in The Big Book of Car Culture, a book written a couple years ago with Jon Robinson. I was quite delighted the essays penned for the book on topics as diverse as gas station give aways and the evolution of crash test dummies provided an opportunity to share my eclectic collection with others. http://www.motorbooks.com/Store/ProductDetails_16162.ncm
Well, I now have another opportunity to share treasures such as these though the audience will be much smaller. When the owner decided to remodel the building that houses my office I was able to convince them that there was merit in allowing me liberties with its decoration.
One of the crown jewels from this endeavor is a shadow box counter top where I can display a wide array of the material and then change its contents on a monthly basis. I have also adorned the walls with numerous automotive advertisements and related items creating a small museum of sorts.

Part two was to create rental car packages that center on weekend exploration of Route 66 as well as the many sites and attractions in the Kingman area. This required selling the owner on the idea of stocking my books. http://search.motorbooks.com/?q=jim%20hinckley
Though it remains a work in progress the response has been quite positive. So, consider this an invite. The next time you find yourself in Kingman, Arizona, stop by and take a peek at my shrine to America and its love affair with the automobile and the open road.
The address is 2610 E. Andy Devine Ave. (Route 66) next door to Martin Swanty Chrysler. http://www.martinswantychrysler.com/
A couple of interesting items pertaining to Kingman and its association with Route 66 are about to become news.
The Route 66 Association of Kingman is about to launch an exciting, interactive website. In addition plans are nearing fruition of an extensive mural that will chronicle the entire history of the Hualapai people from their creation story to the future which is the skywalk at Grand Canyon West. http://www.grandcanyonskywalk.com/mainmenu.html
The mural will be located on the west end of Kingman, along US 93, near Fort Beale. This military outpost represents a milestone in American history, a dark chapter for the Hualapai and with the establishment of an extensive trail system in the Cerbat Mountain foothills a new chapter for Kingman.
The plan to line the south side of Route 66 with vintage signs and to restore existent signs is also moving closer to becoming a reality. On Monday morning representatives from the Route 66 Association of Kingman will meet with Kingman mayor John Salem to discuss the project in detail in an effort to win city support.
Then there is the Route 66 Jeep Club now in the formative stages. The concept is a lofty one that has the backing of the local Jeep dealer – a family orientated organization for fans of the Jeep that want to get out and do some exploring, that likes to update their Jeeps with the latest and best, and that enjoys raising funds for local charities. I will keep you posted as development progresses.
This weekend my wife an I will take to the road once more. After work at noon on Saturday we will head for a book signing in Lake Havasu City at Hastings Books, Music & Videos located at 321 N Lake Havasu Boulevard.
As gas prices have plummeted I have toyed with the idea of using Barney the wonder truck for this trip. This would work well as we plan on returning through Oatman (photos next week).
Still, I have been running Barney a great deal lately and there are some small problems that need attention if we are going to keep them from becoming big problems. The valve covers are seeping, the temperature gauge climbs higher than I am comfortable with leading to thoughts of changing the thermostat, and the oil pressure sending unit is seeping.
I suppose we will just see what wild hair possess me when the time comes to leave. We are fortunate enough to have several options – the trusty, crusty ’73 Olds, the family truckster
seen in this photo lurking behind Barney, or a rental car.
With the exception of a Saturday afternoon or Sunday adventure close to home that should be the extent of our travels until February 15. That is the Sunday I have been asked to give a farewell sermon for Pastor Harlan Dennis in Peach Springs as he will be moving into full time evangelism on reservations and in his Hopi homeland.
To say I am honored by this opportunity would be a gross understatement. This dynamic man has been a mentor to me for several years and embodies the spirit of the early disciples and apostles.
The final note also pertains to Peach Springs. I finished the feature profiling the unique, colorful, and overlooked history of this Route 66 community for Route 66 magazine and have been told it will be published in the spring issue. So, if you have any curiosity about Peach Springs you might want to make a mental note to pick up a copy. http://www.route66magazine.com/

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