If all goes according to schedule we are down to 23 hours until the launch of Monday, March 9, at 18:00 hours we will hit the publish button and add the long planned companion to this blog.
The site will consist of a home page that will feature a summary of site content, a site map at the top of each page, and a selection six recommended titles with link for purchase as well as review. In addition this page with feature a destination of the week with link and photo as well as a museum of the week with photo and link plus links to the Memory Lane Gift & Souvenir Store with a wide array of exclusive merchandise.
The Route 66 Travel Center page will feature a book store, links for associations and selected attractions, a virtual traveler photo gallery, and information about events taking place in Kingman, Arizona. The Route 66 Backroads page will provide similar information for those “other” highways (the Lincoln Highway, US 6, US 50, etc.).
Memory Lane Garage is more than original articles on automotive history and vintage photos. There will be reviews on new tools and automotive books with links for their purchase, a profiled manufacturer of the month with rare photos and production information, tech tips, a book store, and links to auto clubs and associations.
There will also be a bio page, a page listing various services available, and a guest book. As the goal behind was to create a virtual information center to meet the needs of roadies and auto enthusiasts we feel the guest book page is one of the most important components. Without your input and ideas it would be impossible to make this the ultimate one stop site for travel and vintage automobile information.
After launch Route 66 Chronicles will be redesigned. The goal here is to give the blog a cleaner, more streamlined look.
Thank you for the patience, the support, and the input. Now we are down to 22 hours!
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