Well, its another day in paradise, or at least as close as I can get today. The weather has turned cold but it is still warmer than a spring day in Minnesota and the heavy clouds that are rolling in add depth to the shadowing on the mountains. In short, it was a near perfect day for a refreshing bicycle ride to the office.
A family celebration kept me up a bit later than usual last evening but it was well worth it. After all what is more important than time with family and besides, I had earned a bit of R & R after a long day at the office (stolen equipment from Little Rock recovered and other unexpected adventures), completion of the latest installment of The Independent Thinker (a profile of the founder of Detroit Electric) for Cars & Parts magazine, and resolution of a few issues for mom.
The website is now operational and the quest is on for material to expand content, to promote the site and generate revenue through advertisement. It would seem another interesting challenge and opportunity to learn something new is on the horizon.
Demolition work has begun on the Imperial Motel, the old Texaco station and the City Cafe on Route 66 between Hall Street and Stockton Hill Rd. I will document the progress here and have more information on the website.
The deadline looms for the next California adventure. As time is of the essence on the out bound trip I will most likely suck it up and stick to the interstate through San Bernardino but on the way home visions of wandering the back roads are already dancing in my head.
I am behind on posting pictures of adventures with the Adventurer but as soon as possible they will be on display. The things we get into with that old truck have prompted creation of a regular feature on the website, Adventures with the Adventurer.”
Dependant on the time we get back I have an interesting project scheduled for Monday, evaluate a 1929 De Soto, an original and running car, that is for sale. I really need to focus on updating some transportation but this car almost sounds to good to be true.
Well, stay tuned for details.