A new assignment led to this photo of the neon on the Power House Visitor Center in Kingman, Arizona. A local real estate developer asked for photos that could be used under a limited license agreement for promotion of Kingman and the surrounding area.
The neat thing about assignments such as these is it allows me to see my “home town” as a tourist. This is where my correspondence and breakfasts with travelers gives me an edge.

The next title scheduled for release from Voyageur Press written by Jim Hinckley is Ghost Towns of the Southwest. Unfortunately the publication date was moved from fall of this year to spring of next year.
We are that stage of selecting a cover photo. This photo of Chloride and the one below are ones that I submitted for consideration.
Which photo do you feel best captures the feel of ghost towns of the southwest?

Projects are coming from all directions. I am supplying material, text and photos, for the forth coming Route 66 Association of Kingman website, for a real estate developers website, and photographs for another developers site. In addition I am now writing the press releases for the Route 66 Association of Kingman as well as providing assistance in their circulation.
Of course we are also gathering material for our website, www.route66infocenter.com, the blog, and the next book, Ghost Towns of Route 66. The new book leads to another project, an exciting opportunity to introduce my dearest friend to the wonders of Route 66 this fall.
All of this is is in addition to press releases and promotion of our work, the full time job, and all of the things entailed with caring for an elderly parent as well as meeting the needs of a family and occasional ministry. Then, in my spare time, I try to maintain my long standing schedule of reading one book a month. The current slection is Inside the Third Reich – Memoirs by Albert Speer.
The recent spat of inquiries and requests for photos, as well as assistance with press releases and the development of promotional concepts, hints that my work is garnering some attention. Another indicator is found in a note from a friend on vacation that found Route 66 Backroads in the gift shop at the Sears Tower in Chicago.
There is a certain degree of frustration in all of this. When will these endeavors bear fruit in the form of profits? It is almost as though I am pushing a wheelbarrow full of rocks up hill. A few years ago I was doing this with a flat tire so a certain amount of solace can be found in the fact the tire now has air. Still, how much farther is it to the top?
Well, I suppose its all just part of the grand adventure we call life. Still, in the grand scheme of things I realize just how blessed, how fortunate I am.
Topping the list of things for which I am grateful has to be my wife. How many men are fortunate enough to have a dear friend that is an endless source of encouragement to share these adventures with?
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