The splitting of hairs has been honed to a fine art in American society today (short is vertically challenged, homeless folks scrounging for aluminum cans are resource reclamation engineers, etc.). From that perspective I feel eccentric would be a better term than crazy for describing a couple of my ideas. 
Specifically, I am referring to my idea of traveling Route 66 by vintage automobile. Apparently these eccentric thoughts and ideas place me in good company as evidenced by this story.
Now, the lowly Model A was my first choice. What better way to slow the pace, initiate conversations at every stop, gain a new perspective on this storied highway, and have a prop for photos all along the way than to make the trip with the stalwart, dependable, simplistic little Ford? 
My dearest friend agreed – just before she said that it was her hope I found someone to go with me. Suffice to say we compromised on something like a Hudson Hornet or Nash Ambassador. Stay tuned for further details. 
Meanwhile, the quest to become a writer when I grow up, and to use that quest to promote the places, the people, and the communities that make Route 66 and other old two lane highways such amazing places continues. Moving toward both goals will be my attendance as a featured author at this years KABAM in Kingman. 
I really have a soft spot for this event as there is something for the entire family and at its core, there is the love for books and literacy. It is my pleasure to be involved and I hope that if you happen to be in Kingman during the event, you will join in on the festivities. 
Another great event that I am quite excited to be involved with this year is the annual Route 66 Fun Run. This delightful celebration of America’s most famous highway is always a pleasure but this year I will be signing copies of Ghost Towns of Route 66 to raise funds for the Route 66 Association of Arizona and Ghost Towns of the Southwest from the same table in the Powerhouse Visitor Center for the Kingman Tourism office. 
For me there is an added bonus tied to this years Route 66 Fun Run and that will be the opportunity to have dinner with Dale Butel and another of his delightful tour groups from Australia, and John and Judy Springs of 66 The Mother Road
I should also note that the Mohave Museum of History and Arts in Kingman is also carrying my books in their gift shop. Yesterday, I stopped in to sign inventory copies.
Purchasing books, and other items, from museums is a great way to support them. Likewise with purchasing books or souvenirs from the mom and pop shops that give Route 66 its unique essence. 
A partial list of places on Route 66 that carry my books include the Munger Moss Motel, Connie’s Shoppe at the Wagon Wheel Motel, the Wigwam Motel in Rialto, Enchanted Trails Trading Post and RV Park in Albuquerque, Blue Swallow Motel, Oklahoma Route 66 Museum in Clinton, National Route 66 Museum in Elk City, and the Route 66 Mother Road Museum in Barstow. My understanding is that Pops in Arcadia, Oklahoma will also be carrying copies of Ghost Towns of Route 66 this season. 
Before signing off for the day, an item that I forgot to include in the recent post about our trip to Prescott were related links. This a link to reviews for places associated with out little weekend adventure.