The speed with which this old world is changing leaves me dizzy. The fact that I am firmly planted in the America of circa 1950 doesn’t help. 
I was just getting used to a land without pay phones, trucks with air conditioning, and radio stations that don’t fade with the passing of miles when someone approaches me and asks if consideration had been given to creating an “ap.” Huh?
Even though the individual asking the question was quite patient (until they tried explaining this new technology to me), and made every effort to correlate this new technology to terms of the 1950s that I understood, the only thing learned was that this dovetails with a series of projects currently under development. So, if you know how to write an “ap”, and would be interested in a fascinating project, please drop me a note. 

To say the very least, I now have a much better appreciation for the challenges faced by old Rip Van Winkle. Here I am giving serious thought to acquiring an A model Ford and cruising Route 66 but my latest book, The Route 66 Encyclopedia, and promotional material for it, will feature a QR code so updates can be provided ensuring the book remains relevant. 
Almost as hard to comprehend is the fact that I am now ancient enough for my stories, and knowledge about Route 66, old trucks, and lost highways, to be of interest to folks. That is being made manifest in the increasing number of requests to speak with various groups as they motor west, or east, on the old double six, which was the catalyst for the “ap” question. 
So, inspired by the prompting of a few friends, I have decided to offer my services (a polite way of saying my gift for telling folks where to go in such a manner that they look forward to the trip) to groups as well as the organizers of events. With that said, if you have need of a knowledgeable yarn spinner (a speaker) for your tour, event, fund raiser, or dinner, drop me a note and lets see what we can work out. 
Cinched to this, and the “ap” idea, is another project that I hope will add context as well as depth to the experience of traveling Route 66 or the road less traveled, a primary goal behind my writing and photographic endeavors. For quite some time I have toyed with the idea of offering my services in regard to trip planning assistance. 
At the prompting of the same friends that badgered me about the “ap”, I decided to cast a line and see if there was a nibble or if this was a snipe hunt. I haven’t forgotten the fact that a few of these “friends” are the same ones that told me people can watch movies on their telephones. 

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