Well, it is almost midnight and I am sipping a cup of mint tea in OK City. The day began in Cuba, Missouri. In between was a breakfast with Rich Henry of the world famous Rabbit Ranch, my dearest friend, and Kathy and David Alexander of Legends of America at Shelly’s, a beautiful hike at Meramec Springs Park south of St. James, a wide array of photo stops including Arlington, Missouri, lunch at the Cave Restaurant in Richland, Missouri, a visit with Bob and Ramona at the Munger Moss Motel, an abbreviated conversation with Jerry McClanahan, and another frustrating bout of highway construction that resulted in a bit of time travel made manifest in west bound turnpike traffic being rerouted through Wellston and Arcadia on Route 66.
As these erratic postings from the road are mere summaries with details, and photos, to follow, here is an overview of what has transpired since the last entry.

  • Torrential rains made our photographic safari through Illinois a bit of a challenge but we were still able to capture some great images for the new book as well as our photo site (www.jimhinckleystudio.zenfolio.com ) including the Sugar Creek Covered Bridge –
  • Construction delays that resulted in a Mississippi River crossing of one hour and forty-five minutes –
  • In turn this resulted in being late for the book signing at the Museum of Transportation in St. Louis and at the visitor center at Route 66 state park –
  • A delightful Friday evening party at the Wagon Wheel Motel –
  • A first rate dinner at Missouri Hicks with my dearest friend, Rich Dinkella, Joe Sonderman, Dean Kennedy, and other friends –
  • Cuba Fest, a truly inspirational event that included an opportunity to visit with old friends including Chris and Katy of Fading Nostalgia, Buzz Waldmire, and Joe Loesch –

Now, its time for a few hours sleep as Monday will be another busy day with the destination being Albuquerque. In between are a brunch with the Land Runner, signing books at the Oklahoma Route 66 Museum in Clinton and at the Blue Swallow in Tucumcari, lots of photos, and hours on the road.
See you on the road?

  • Dinner, a stunning sunset, and the music of the Road Crew at the Belmont Winery –  
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