First, the invitation. I know the season for Route 66 adventure is winding down but this invitation has no expiration date.
If the schedule allows, and you are interested in a bit of lively discussion about Route 66, drop me a note the next time your planning to be in Kingman. I really enjoy listening to stories about the legendary double six and how its magic inspired a road trip or change in lifestyle. The coffee will be my treat.
These conversations have inspired many feature articles, a book or two, and even a couple of speeches. They have even served as a catalyst for a few of our adventures.
While we are on the subject of Route 66, Kingman, and road trips don’t forget to mark your calendar for the weekend of August 16. That is the scheduled date for the 2014 Route 66 International Festival in Kingman.
Next on the schedule for discussion this morning is my inquisitive mind. Would you care to share your thoughts and ideas?
There are a staggering number of Route 66 related titles on the market at this time, a number of which are excellent additions to the library that are well worth the investment. I am about to add two more titles to the mix and am working hard on a third. That means I will soon be in need of a new project.
So, is there a particular aspect of Route 66 or its history that you are interested in? Do you see a need for a Route 66 book on a specific subject?
The next questions I have are a bit more personal. I may be leaving myself open for some slings and arrows but do you have a favorite Jim Hinckley penned book? Do you have issues with a book penned by me? 
May I inquire as to where you purchased my books? Did you purchase them on the road? Did they enhance your adventure?
The next item up for discussion is the current project with a looming deadline of December 1, the Route 66 Historic Atlas that will feature, for each state, entries under specific topic headings – crime scenes and disasters, film and celebrity associated sites, sites with military association, transitional sites, landmarks, and pre 1926 historic sites. Do you have any suggestions for material to be included under these topic headings?
Now lets talk about events and adventures in 2014 as my schedule for the next six weeks is rather full (a possible trip to Chicago next week, the looming deadline, a speaking engagement in Flagstaff and Prescott, a television interview, meeting with Dale Butel’s fall tour group, and possible federal jury duty). At this point in time the schedule for appearances in 2014 is, for the most part, wide open.
There is the Route 66 Fun Run, meeting with Dale Butel’s spring summer, and fall tour, meeting with a group from New Zealand in April, meeting with friends from Holland, Germany, and the Czech Republic, and, of course, the International Route 66 Festival. Plans are still in development but we are looking toward Cuba Fest in Cuba, Missouri next October for the debut of the Route 66 Historic Atlas.
So, if you have need of my services for an event or speaking engagement, or to address a commercial tour group next year, please let me know and we will work out details. You may also contact Steve Roth, publicist at Voyageur Press through the exhibition and speaking engagement bookings tab at the top of the page.
European and Australia tours are on the radar. However, nothing has been confirmed, including budgets and funding. Stay tuned for details as they develop. 
That takes us to the last item of the day, the 2014 Route 66 International Festival. If you are a Route 66 photographer, author, artist, or collector, and would like to display your work at the exhibition, please let me know and I will make sure that your name is on the list when full details about participation are released. 
Likewise if your a vendor, or southwestern, or Native American artist. Plans are underway to include an expedition of this work as well and vendors will be set up with the car show. 
Now, as to the car show. As with all of the cruise night activities, the car show is open to anything with wheels. However, the organizers are actively seeking owners of vintage electric or steam powered cars, modern electric cars, solar powered vehicles, and even experimental vehicles as the theme is crossroads of the past and future. 
Again, if you are interested just drop me a note. I will make sure you receive updated information as it becomes available. 
Did I forget anything?        
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