As our life is quite intertwined with Route 66, there is a general lull that commences in November and continues into March. However, with each passing year that lull becomes shorter in duration and the Route 66 adventures in that period of time become more intimate.
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This year we enjoyed two delightful adventures during the slow season. One was a wonderful dinner with KC Keefer and Nancy Barlow (the creative team behind the Genuine Route 66 Life video series) that included stimulating conversation and a bit of laughter.
The second was a long anticipated visit from Jeroen and Maggie Boersma of the Netherlands that included an opportunity for us to play tour guide. I can’t think of a better way to kick off a new year.
The greatest reward from living a Route 66 centered life isn’t the accolades or awards that come from my writings, books, or speaking engagements, it is the people we meet and the friendships made through our journeys or theirs. It never ceases to amaze me that a forlorn strip of old asphalt, the course for a highway that officially ceased to exist more than two decades ago, could serve as a catalyst for international friendships.
Author Jim Hinckley signing books for an
Australian tour group.
In the coming months we will be meeting with tour groups, and visiting with friends, from Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Norway, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Japan, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Brazil, Canada, and England. We will also have opportunities for visiting with friends from most every state in the union.
Then there is also the distinct possibility that our winter lull this year could include the greatest Route 66 adventure to date, and a most exciting opportunity for visiting with friends. Stay tuned for details.

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