This morning as I contemplated how best to plot a course through the coming months my thoughts turned toward classic mythology and the ancient puzzle of the labyrinth. With the exception of the Minotaur (even though there is a beast of two) it seemed a rather appropriate analogy.
File:Theseus Minotaur Ramey Tuileries.jpg
Courtesy Jastrow from Wikipedia

This evening the chamber of commerce, the organizing entity behind the Route 66 International Festival, is hosting a planning session meeting. The potential for long term preservation and development resultant of this festival is limited only by the imagination. In fact, I would be so bold as to say that in regard to the future development and preservation on Route 66, this could be the most important event since the conventions hosted by the U.S. Highway 66 Association.
As we are now mere months away from the opening reception for this historic event, the meeting this evening will most likely be held in an atmosphere permeated with excitement, frustration, worry, and eager anticipation.
Meanwhile, as promotion for the debut of the Route 66 Historic Atlas at Cuba Fest in Cuba, Missouri  moves forward at a dizzying pace, I have been informed by the editor that there is an urgent need to trim the text if we are to adhere to the production schedule. So, now I have another job that requires immediate attention. 
Also demanding immediate attention is a project being developed for the Holbrook chamber of commerce. For this endeavor to debut at their Route 66 themed event in August, stage one needs to be complete by the first of next week. 
No complaints. Still, the remainder of April is shaping up to be quite an adventure – meeting with four tour groups (two from Germany, one from New Zealand, and one from Australia), speaking on Route 66 economic development at a local civic organization, a book signing, and, if, perchance, I get bored, a bit of home repair and research for the new book. 
Meanwhile, I watch my latest book climb the sales ranking chart in rapt amazement. It would seem that when it comes to being told where to go, folks trust my advice and for that I most grateful and humbled.

This is a grand adventure, and for 2014, it is just beginning. 
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