Here in sunny Arizona, under clear skies of blue, it is a delightful Easter morning. There is a light breeze scented with the smell of sage and rosemary from the front yard, and the songbirds are providing a most enjoyable chorus.
Sadly, in the modern America obsessed with political correctness, the Easter holiday has become a point of contention rather than a time for reflection. In our homestead we are not big fans of the modern Americanized version of church even though I have been privileged with an opportunity to stand behind a pulpit or two. That, however, doesn’t mean the symbolism and message underlying the Easter tradition isn’t important to us. 
The post office in Hackberry, Arizona
So, as a result the days varied activities will be wrapped in meditation, contemplation, and reflection. Of course, it will also include a bit of adventure in the desert along the old double six, and meeting with a tour group from New Zealand somewhere near Hackberry, and simply enjoying the company of my dearest friend.
As we closed out the week with good friends, good food, and vintage cars under a desert sky at Chillin’ on Beale last night, and a luncheon visit with Wolfgang Werz who was leading a tour from Germany, I should be ready to face a few days of challenges and a grueling schedule with at least a hint of a smile. 
It kicks off bright and early on Monday as I learned late last week that I will be short handed at the office for at least four days. That will double the work load, never an enviable prospect. 
On Monday evening there is an organization meeting for the Route 66 International Festival. Updates will be provided by Tuesday or Wednesday. 
On Wednesday the schedule calls for a full day at the office and meeting with another tour from Germany. Then on Friday morning before work I am to address a local civic group about Route 66 as a catalyst for community redevelopment.
Plans are to close it out by channeling anxiety and frustrations into a bit of destruction in the form of bathroom remodeling. That should give me something to look forward to. 
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