Even though the various detours shared on this blog garner requests for more information and numerous comments, it is the tales of the Route 66 adventures and the people we meet along the way that seem to really inspire people to plan adventures of their own. This morning on our countdown to 1,5000 posts I will be sharing a few of the photos the readers credit for being the inspiration behind a Route 66 odyssey.
Chicago skyline.
For small town Arizona folk like us, on our first trip to the end of Route 66 in Chicago, it was the skyline that riveted our attentions. It was in the postings about the big city adventure that I first wrote of the exploits of the Hinckley Hillbillies, a tongue in cheek look at the big city from people more accustomed to towns with three stop lights and a café.
These tales proved popular and so I shared our exploits from this perspective on numerous occasions. I was always surprised to receive a note in response from readers that alluded to how this bit of comedy provided them with the courage to move beyond the intimidation of the big city and enjoy the adventure.
Participants of the historic Route 66 conference hosted
by the World Monument Fund in November 2013.
The west end of the double six is an unassuming intersection that requires a drive through more than eighty miles of crushing urban traffic to reach. However, if you continue to the traditional end of the trail at Santa Monica Pier, the carnival like atmosphere seems a more fitting way to close out the adventure of a lifetime.
In either case, driving from Cajon Pass through the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area provided ample opportunities for the posting of stories about the exploits of the Hinckley Hillbillies. Needless to say, the tales of our adventures to Jay Leno’s Garage proved the most popular of all.
Barney the Wonder Truck at Cool Springs.
Even though I strive to keep things on the lighter side at Route 66 Chronicles, we do provide a great deal of information about important events and developments on Route 66. Some of most shared and commented on stories are those that contain updates on events such as the Route 66 International Festival or details about historic events such as the conference in Anaheim last year.
Stories of desert adventures and back road explorations always generate interest. In a few of these I shared photos of Barney the Wonder truck, our weathered but stalwart ’68 Dodge Adventurer.
In so doing I inadvertently made the old truck a dusty star of sorts. The manager of one tour group that I speak with several times a year specifically requests that Barney, and my dearest friend, accompany me.
Meeting with tour groups always provides ample fodder for posts that seem to be of interest to readers. It also allows me to personally introduce the blog to folks from around the world.
Counted among the many blessings that come with a deep association to Route 66 is the opportunity to meet, and develop friendships, with people from the four corners of the earth.
This year alone we have shared dinner or breakfast with, and spoke to groups or people from Australia, New Zealand, Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, China, Russia, Canada, the Czech Republic, and England. I am also amazed by the international popularity of the old double six.
Tomorrow the stroll down Memory Lane will focus on neon nights and colorful personalities. See you then ….    
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