Fig Springs Station circa 1940
Well, the new adventure that is self publishing is now well underway. With the exception of illustrations and editing the first chapter (a detailed tour guide to the historic sites, points of interest, and Route 66 alignments in Kingman) is complete. As envisioned, the second chapter will add depth and context to the first with the reprinting of newspaper and magazine feature articles from the past century or so.
A detailed tour guide to Route 66 between Kingman and the Colorado River is the plan for the third chapter. Also planned for inclusion is a guide to the Williamson Valley Road and historic Prescott, Kingman area ghost towns, and old rail lines such as the Mill Town Railroad. 

The site of Fig Springs Station 2014

Simply put, the first volume of the planned series will be a rather complete guide to the Kingman area. However, as often happens with similar endeavors, as the project progresses the vision of the finished product becomes sharper so there is the very distinct possibility that current plans are subject to change.
In addition to this fascinating endeavor the joint project with archivist Joe Sonderman that was discussed previously has been approved. I am truly honored to be working with Joe and look forward to crafting another book that will chronicle a bit of obscure Route 66 history. Adding to the growing sense of eager anticipation for this project is the fact that this may provide the excuse (as though one is needed)to again attend Cuba Fest.  

Cuba Fest 2014

There are still a few loose ends to tie up in regard to the book for History Press but for the most part it is ready to go. This book marks a return to my roots. The first published work was an article for Special Interest Autos, and the first book written was a profile of the Checker Cab Manufacturing Company.
In a somewhat unrelated note, I would like to remind you that Rich Dinkela’s Events on Route 66 initiative is now active. This website has the potential to be a very valued tool for event planners, communities, and folks planning a trip on the old double six. It also represents a tremendous advertising value for business owners. All that is needed is your involvement and participation as it was designed to meets the needs of the Route 66 community.
If you would prefer, send me event information and I will ensure it is added to the site. In addition, I will add these to the events page being developed for the blog. 
Speaking of events, in Kingman, plans are underway to add a new dimension to the cities Andy Devine Days celebration scheduled for the last weekend in September. In addition to the traditional PRCA rodeo, parade, and western heritage related events and entertainment, a Route 66 aspect is being added with a car show, and plans for an exhibition of artists.

A Holbrook landmark.

Another great event to add to your travel calendar is the 2nd annual Holbrook Route 66 Festival scheduled for the 13th of June. This is an embryonic event but it is growing by leaps and bounds. This year Mike Ward and I will be but two of the participants. In addition to enjoying a delightful weekend, I will be there to answer Route 66 questions, and to provide enthusiasts with signed copies of my travel guides.
I will also be in attendance of the annual Route 66 Fun Run during the first weekend in May, and Chillin on Beale, held on the third Saturday evening of each month April through October, at least in April and May. Both events are held in Kingman. 
I hope to see you at one of these events!


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