Dinner is served in Dittelsheim
As is my tradition, the day kicked off with a long walk at sunrise. Last nights storm that rolled in around midnight was a real humdinger of a desert monsoon; lots of lightening, rain, wind.
It left the air clean and cool, the streets full of rocks and mud, and the sky heavy with clouds that made for a rather spectacular sunrise. 
I find the morning walk a near perfect way to marshal thoughts and clear the head before tackling the deadlines, the meetings, and the multitude of tasks that fill the days. However, as of late my thoughts seem to wander back to Germany, to shared adventures, and a very healthy dose of laughter.  
The hallmark of a great adventure, even if it centered on work, is a bit of depression when it is time to return to the real world, a place of deadlines, paying bills, meetings, and corresponding frustrations. As this was an adventure of epic proportions, it is taking a bit longer than usual to get into the old rhythm.

Author Jim Hinckley and Nick Adam, owner
of the Ariston Cafe. 

Since our return, I finished the final edit for a new book that will focus on the Route 66 renaissance as well as the people that ensure it is living museum where the American Dream thrives. In reading through the text, I reflected on the unique and vibrant nature of the Route 66 community as made manifest in the interviews with Jessica Mueller, Nick Adams, and so many others that took time from their schedule to talk with me.
At this time a scheduled date for release has not been set but the hope is that it will be in time for Cuba Fest, the third weekend in October. As I debuted The Route 66 Encyclopedia and The Route 66 Illustrated Historic Atlas at this delightful event, it would be great to continue with that tradition. 

Author Jim Hinckley at the
first European Route 66 festival. 

This year I will be making a presentation about the 90 year transformation of Route 66 from a highway into an icon at the Wagon Wheel Motel. In recent months I have been honing the skills associated with telling people where to go through a venue other than writing.
Cuba Fest is bit one stop on the fall tour. On October 16 and October 17, I will be making presentations at Missouri History Museum in St. Louis. One will be an armchair tour of Route 66 from Chicago to Santa Monica, and from 1900 to 2016, and the second will be on the unique nature of Route 66 in New Mexico and Arizona. 
The following weekend, in conjunction with the Route 66: The Road Initiative workshops and presentations, I will be in Bloomington at the 2nd annual Miles of Possibilities Conference to speak on Route 66 as a catalyst for economic development. Then, on the weekend of November 11, I am to speak at the 90th anniversary celebrations in Los Angeles. 
Obviously I need to update the Jim Hinckley Will Be At page. Do you have an event to add? 
Between now and the fall tour, the schedule is varied and full, just the way I like it. 
This evening its dinner with Karl and Hanneke, dear friends from the Netherlands. On Tuesday, a marketing meeting at Ramada Kingman, and lunch with John and Judy from Palm Springs. 
Wednesday is a sort of welcome wagon coffee clutch at the Ramada Kingman (7:15) for folks new to the Kingman area. On Thursday morning I will provide a report on the recent trip to Germany and attendance of the first European Route 66 Festival for the Kingman area Tourism Development Commission. 
This pattern continues into September and then its time for the eagerly anticipated Best of the West Festival. This year Dries and Marion Bessels will serve as the grand marshal of the parade. 
To date, telling folks where to go hasn’t been overly profitable. But is has been a great deal of fun and reward is not always measured in dollars. 


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