Reflections on changing times –

A discussion via Facebook messenger about changing times with a friend and colleague in Wyoming while listening to a little tune by George Strait seemed rather appropriate as most of the past few days have been consumed with valiant efforts to overcome the challenges associated with moving the blog to the WordPress platform.

Even though the blog is functional, pages pertaining to the Jim Hinckley’s America Gallery on the Legends of America website, and pending engagements and appearances seem to be in limbo. So, for the foreseeable future, if you would like to order prints from Jim Hinckley’s America as gifts for the holidays, please use the link above. 

Still, in spite of the work that still needs to be done, and frustrations akin to asking for directions in Tokyo after months of studying German, I have found the project to be rather interesting. That, in a nutshell, is the essence of life. Growing old, for those fortunate enough, is not an option. Being old in spirit, embittered, and frustrated by an ever changing world is.

If I had my druthers, Route 66 would still be the Main Street of America, the Model A Ford would represent the latest in automotive technology, and neighbors would still gather on the front porch to sip ice tea and watch the sun set in the west. Time, however, stands still for no man.

So, I have two options. Plant my foot on the bake and let the world pass me by, or slip it into overdrive and step down on the throttle with eager anticipation to see what is over the next hill. I choose the latter.

With that said, there is a blog post to write for Promote Kingman, a new book to be written on a word processor rather than a 1948 Underwood typewriter (thank the good Lord), a presentation to prepare using PowerPoint and embedded video, a podcast to develop, a Jim Hinckley on YouTube channel to develop, and a need to out smart the smart phone.


Some years ago, my goals were as simple as making Cheyenne in time to qualify. Now, its a bit more complicated, and even more exciting.

So, I will look toward the future with a mix of apprehension and enthusiasm, take to the back roads when I can, and at every opportunity, enjoy a sunset or a shared adventure with good friends.

Now, over the course of the next week, we will get back to the focus of the blog. There are some exciting Route 66 developments to share, some news from Kingman that might be of interest, and, perhaps, a completed blog to promote.

Take care, mi amigos. See you on the road.

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