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The Haunting Beauty of The Beale Hotel

There is a haunting beauty in the mezzanine of the Hotel Beale lit by a morning glow from the skylight. #jimhinckleysamerica

Canadian military uniform discovered along the National Old Trails Road near Seligman, Arizona in 1919 was just one of the projects that has made this week unforgettable. On the weekly live Adventurers Club program I provided a glimpse inside the historic and long shuttered Beale Hotel in Kingman, Arizona. Two radio interviews provided an opportunity to promote a few of my favorite places such as the Wagon Wheel Motel in Cuba, Missouri, Grand Canyon Caverns, and Clanton’s Cafe in Vinita, Oklahoma. They also allowed for the promotion of the First Friday festivities in Kingman. I also had several opportunities to highlight the power of pooled resource marketing and at the same time help ensure travelers had an unforgettable experience. 

Our Jim Hinckley’s America  exclusive content site that serves as the primary crowdfunding mechanism for Jim Hinckley’s America has two basic levels for subscription. Businesses can support the program and take advantage of our international marketing network. The pooled resource aspect means that a business can reach a worldwide audience with minimal investment. Individuals that subscribe (as little as $1.00 per month) have the satisfaction of knowing that, much like PBS, they are helping support a multifaceted project that provides promotional opportunities for small businesses, communities, and museums. As a bonus all who subscribe have access to exclusive content, discounts, and an array of additional perks.

This week alone I facilitated a dinner reception at one restaurant for more than fifty people traveling Route 66, and at the same time fostered development of a sense of community by arranging for local car clubs to provide transportation. At another restaurant a similar reception was facilitated for a group of 20, and this afternoon arrangements will be finalized for 15 fans of Route 66. Tonight I will lead a Promote Kingman walking tour through the historic business district, and along the Route 66 corridor. Next Saturday, afternoon, in support of the Mohave Museum of History & Arts anniversary, I will make a presentation about Route 66 and regale the audience with an historic mystery, the previously mentioned unfortunate Canadian discovered along the National Old Trails Road. All of these promotional initiatives were made possible through support of the crowdfunding platform.

The glimpse inside the Beale Hotel this morning, as it turned out, was only part one. The owner graciously invited me back for a a full tour, an adventure that will be shared with followers of Jim Hinckley’s America.

This was but one of several interesting adventures I had the opportunity to share with viewers this week. Earlier I brought followers with me to Rickety Cricket Brewing Company where I sampled the world’s first Vitamin C infused beer. It is always an adventure in Jim Hinckley’s America!

Join the adventure today. After all, shared adventures are memorable adventures.

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