It seemed so simple. Talk with the editor, sell the idea, write the article,

take a few pictures, and wait for the check. That was in 1990. Since that date the quest to become a writer when I grow up has been quite the adventure with more twists and turns than Route 66 in the Black Mountains of Arizona. The latest chapter, still being written, could very well be the strangest, the most interesting, and wildest to date. Vitamin infused beer, home security systems, Egyptian mummies, death on Route 66, cars with laminated papier-mache body panels, an ancient Jewish cemetery, hand made soap, and young entrepreneurs are just a few of the highlights! 

Steve LeSueur of MyMarketing Designs and I working out details. It is a rough job but someone has to do it.

As these things often do, it started simply enough. Steve Lesuer of MyMarketing Designs, the company behind the embryonic Promote Kingman and Promote Route 66 initiatives as well as The Bee and now Kingman Tourism, had an idea on a new service that he could offer clients and I was that service. As the idea piqued my interest, and as the current book about death and mayhem on Route 66 was nearing completion, I signed on.

In a nutshell the concept was simple. Clients that were using MyMarketing Designs for their website design and development needed a blog to enhance the site. I would write that blog. The venture to date has been, shall we say, most interesting.

I am now writing blog posts, or creating live programs, for Glam RN, a company that specializes in body sculpting, Baron Services, a pest control and landscaping company, Savon Bath Treats, a handmade soap store, The Right C, a vitamin company, Tumbleweeds & Tarantulas, a kite store, Meli Lips, a soap store in Glendale, Arizona Affordable Funeral, and Gordy’s, an auto body company.  The research required to write these posts has made this a most interesting endeavor.

To ensure that boredom is kept at bay, and that I can continue developing Jim Hinckley’s America as a portal for adventure inspiration as well as a promotional service for event organizers, communities, and small business owners, I have also been building the subscription based premium content site that serves as our crowdfunding platform.  In addition to informative, interesting, and fun original content, subscribers receive an array of discounts and offers. Believe it our not, all of of this is linked as a web. Research for the various blog posts bleeds into the premium content site and vice versa as work on both projects provides all kinds of new material.

Meanwhile, I am in the process of taking Jim Hinckley’s America to the next level. Cuba, Missouri tourism was the the first to accept my offer and I am assisting with development of their visitor guide. A new presentation series was introduced during the 50th anniversary celebration at Mohave Museum of History & Arts. These presentations used to support museums and similar organizations are made possible through support of our crowdfunding initiative. The fact that a group of people contributing as little as $1.00 per month can enable development of such supportive endeavors never ceases to amaze me.

Next project, development of a personalized travel planning service. For just $100, using Facebook messenger live, I will provide a full hour to assist in the planning of a Route 66 trip. This service will also include an opportunity for assistance while on the road, and discounts on travel guides, motel rooms, etc.  Would you or someone you know be interested a service such as this?

Last but not least, the draft for the new book was sent to the publisher last evening. There is still a great deal of work to do but we should be on the road for a promotional tour by fall. If you enjoy Route 66, and have a fascination for the macabre, this book will be for you. Where else will you read about a murderer that scattered his wife’s body parts along Route 66 in the Cajon Pass?



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