I am not a big fan of wine but will tip a glass on occasion, and my days

of wrestling with Jim Beam and Jose Cuervo are behind me. I have always been a beer man and that trend continues to this day. Still, as the battle with technology and the never ending learning curve continues, thoughts have turned toward wine, whiskey, bourbon, beer, tequila, rum, cognac and all manner of alcohol quite often in the past few days. It seems for every battle won one is lost and that leads to a bit of whining (in my imagination and out loud).

Welcome to Belmont Vineyards

Add this stop to your Route 66 adventure.

Well as we are on the subject of wine, let me tell you about an interesting conversation I had last evening with Trish Voss at Belmont Vineyards near Cuba, Missouri. Their wine (the pink dogwood and edelweiss) is an exception to my rule about wine, and the food in their restaurant with million dollar views is superb. Our discussion this time wasn’t about wine or good food but about tourism in Cuba, my new assignment which is assisting in the promotion of this delightful community, and a pending long term visit. There are some very exciting developments taking place in Cuba, and as a bit of shameless self promotion, it now looks like the debut of my new book, Bloody 66, will be at Cuba Fest on the third weekend in October.

In coming weeks you will be hearing a great deal about Cuba. I am quite excited by this opportunity and am looking forward to lending a hand. If your community could use a boost by tapping into the Jim Hinckley’s America promotional network, just drop me a note and I will respond as quickly as possible.

Can a pair of desert folk adapt to an extended stay in the Ozark Mountains? Stay tuned.

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