Christmas is a time for reflection, for memories. It is, as Charles Dickens so

eloquently wrote of it, a season for ghosts of the past, present, and future. As I age, the Christmas season takes on a bittersweet tone. There are reflections on childhood, on family, on friends, on blessings, and on what the future may hold.

It is the day before Christmas and that sense of bittersweet reflection is heavy. Yesterday, for the first time in more than a year, my dearest friend and I had an opportunity to visit with four of our grandchildren. Ice cream and time spent with them in the park are a memory that will enhance Christmases to come.

Thoughts of those that have passed tinge the holiday with a bit of darkness. Likewise with a hint of apprehension about the year to come.

To each and everyone of you, I hope that this holiday season is a time of memories made with family and friends. And here is to a new year filed with promise. May it be filled with adventures shared with friends.

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