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My natural talent for telling people where to go was honed many years before Jim Hinckley's America was officially launched. The origins for the multi faceted road trip inspiring that is Jim Hinckley's America can be traced to the first article published in Hemmings...

The Contest Begins!

My latest book, Here We Are ... On Route 66, released at the end of January is not a travel guide. But I am confident that it will inspire a road trip or two. And I am going to give away an autographed copy to the first person who can solve a Route 66 puzzle. Here is...

America’s Storyteller

Phase one of the narrated self guided historic district walking tour in Kingman, Arizona being developed by Kingman Main Street provided a new venue for exercising the talent that has led some folks to refer to me as "America's storyteller. And it provided the...

Hard Times, Good Times & Changing Times

A posse of miners and livery hands set out in pursuit, and soon ran down the bandits. The legend is that in the ensuing gun battle McAllen was killed, and his partner apprehended, tried, and sent to the territorial prison in Yuma. But the strongbox was missing and has never been found.

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A One Armed Legend

At just eighteen years of age he began honing his reputation as a fearless lawman while riding the Big Bend country as a Texas Ranger. His exploits were legendary. And neither his career or his adventures came to an end with a gunfight in Fairbank, Arizona that cost...

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Take The Bull By The Horns

Route 66 continues to provide communities along that highway corrdior with unique opportunies for economic development and historic distric revitalization. These opportunities will be magnified as we draw closer to the Route 66 centennial in 2026. This is in stark...

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So, What’s Next?

So, what's next? Funny that you should ask. This is exactly what I have been asking myself this past few days. If things go as planned (that would be different) I should be busier than a one legged man in a behind kicking contest. I have set a rather ambitious goal of...

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