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Bob Waldmire, The Green Book & A Mystery or Two

The mural by the iconic artist Bob Waldmire, a pioneer in the Route 66 renaissance movement, on the side of the old Tavern at TNT Auto Center is one of Kingman's treasures. Given the popularity of Waldmire's work the lack of official promotion for this gem has long...

So, What’s Next?

So, what's next? Funny that you should ask. This is exactly what I have been asking myself this past few days. If things go as planned (that would be different) I should be busier than a one legged man in a behind kicking contest. I have set a rather ambitious goal of...

Welcome To Jim Hinckley’s America

Two Weeks. Fourteen days. Three hundred thirty six hours. A mere blink of an eye in geologic times. But this is Jim Hinckley's America where things change faster than a politicians principled stand on an issue during an election campaign. In that brief amount of time...

The Twisted Story of Mohave County

Five county seats in less than twenty years. Political intrigue. Conspiracy theories about voter fraud and stolen elections. A courthouse turned hotel on Route 66. A century old courthouse with unique WWI memorial. This is the story of Mohave County, Arizona The story...

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Road Trips R Us

For no discernable reason an encounter with a toothless old man that sported a tobacco stained white beard and a very odd conversation pop into my head on occasion. The incident took place years ago. I was somewhere in the middle of vast cornfields in the back country...

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The Future of Tourism

The Future of Tourism

Well, this weekend the Miles of Possibility Conference added a few pieces to the puzzle. The future of tourism on and off Route 66 in the next 18 months or so is becoming clearer. And as I suspected, the news is a mixed blend of worrisome issues and hints of optimism....

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Route 66, Donkey Carts & Wood Fired Pizza

After more than a dozen years of dancing in and out of the spotlight I still find the attention rather disconcerting at times. In my minds eye I am just Jim Hinckley, a fellow from the backcountry of Arizona that reflects some years of hard mileage in my face and the...

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On The Trail

SAN JOSE RESIDENT ENDS LIFE IN ARIZONA - William A. Watkins Commits Suicide by Shooting Top of His Head Off in Kingman. KINGMAN. Ariz., March 31, 1901—William A. Watkins of San Jose. Cal., brother of H. H. Watkins. who Is manager of the Arizona National Bank and a...

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A Matter of Perspective

A Matter of Perspective

Every day is good. Some days, however, are better than others. That was but one of the many pearls of wisdom passed on to me from a grizzled and weathered old cowhand that I had the pleasure of working with on a ranch along the Mexican border more years ago than I...

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Dispatch From Kingman

I was about seven years old when a grizzled old WWI vet took me to a special place that he knew in the sand hills near Port Huron, Michigan. It is still a vivid memory as I came home that day with arrowheads in my jacket pocket. One summer Uncle Burton took me deep...

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