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Telling People Where To Go

Florence Lawrence was a passionate automobilist as well as a very accomplished mechanic. And she was one of the first superstars of the silver screen. Of course, all of this made her a media sensation, especially since she lived in an era when women were not allowed...

A Front Row Seat

For the past few days I have had the distinct pleasure of enjoying a visit with old friends, and an adventure or two reminiscent of the pre apocalypse era. For a brief moment in time I was able to forget monkey pox, COVID related issues, murder hornets, meth gators,...

At The Intersection of Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

It is a landmark for Route 66 enthusiasts. It has appeared in advertisement for German based Condor Airlines and on primetime television programs. It is a tangible link to more than seventy years of Route 66 history, and to how immigrants have shaped America. And...

Confused, Confusing & Baffling

At any age dealing with a world that has changed dramtically since last Thursday can be confusing as well as a source of anxiety. Still, for us folk that are old enough to remember battles with a sister or two in a station wagon without air conditioning during a...

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Times Change

Counted among the many lessons that can be learned from history is that times change. Life on Route 66 in 1930 was different from life on Route 66 in 1950. And life on Route 66 in 2022 is dramatically different from life on that storied highway in 1950, 1970 or even...

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A New Era on Route 66

If a community is to become a destination for people looking for a place to raise a family, to retire, and to open a business it must be first transformed into a destination for travelers and tourists. That transformation includes appealing streetscapes, a diverse...

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In my humble opinion birthdays are like mileposts. For a brief moment in time they give you pause with reflection on the miles traveled, and then they are in the rear view mirror. In that moment of reflection you give thought to the people met along the way, friends,...

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From Arizona to Germany on Route 66

From Arizona to Germany on Route 66

My pa was full of million dollar quips that he wove into a rich and colorful tapestry that illustrated how to live life with a proper perspective. But Brad, a weathered old cowhand that I worked with on the Sierra Mesa spread along the Mimbres River in New Mexico, was...

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Good Times, Good Friends & Route 66

After a two year hiatus courtesy COVID 19, the annual Route 66 Fun once again transformed almost 150 scenic miles of Route 66 in western Arizona into a lving time capsule. The Historic Route 66 Association of Arizona, the hosting organization, hasn't provided a tally...

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