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Hard Times, Good Times & Odd Times

The family has graciously offered to share their story, a true tale of inspiration and of a family of immigrants that built a small empire along Route 66 in the desert southwest. I eagerly await their email as this should make for some interesting reading. I stumbled...

Windows On The Past

Historic photos are fractions of time frozen forever. They are windows on the past. And they are puzzle pieces that when put with together with newspaper articles from that period, old letters, diaries and similar materials bring the picture into focus. As an example...

So, What’s Next?

So, what's next? Funny that you should ask. This is exactly what I have been asking myself this past few days. If things go as planned (that would be different) I should be busier than a one legged man in a behind kicking contest. I have set a rather ambitious goal of...
Welcome To Jim Hinckley’s America

Welcome To Jim Hinckley’s America

Two Weeks. Fourteen days. Three hundred thirty six hours. A mere blink of an eye in geologic times. But this is Jim Hinckley's America where things change faster than a politicians principled stand on an issue during an election campaign. In that brief amount of time...

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Mysteries, Clues and The Occasional Answer

In 1898, the year that William Harvey Hubbs was elected Mohave County Sheriff, a fire swept along Front Street. It started in the White Hills Mercantile Company. Soon the Gaddis & Perry warehouse, the Kingman Mercantile Company, E. F. Thompson’s saloon, Rosborough...

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Hang Em’ High

Hang Em’ High

At 2:00 in the afternoon of January 19, 1907, C.C. Leigh was hung in the yard of the Mohave County Jail in Kingman, Arizona. This marked the final chapter in a story that had started on a hot evening on September 8, 1905 when Leigh murdered Jennie Bauters, his...

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