I am now within spitting distance of sixty. No matter how

hard I squint, fifty isn’t visible in the rear view mirror any longer. One lesson learned many, many years ago is that every second counts. Part two of that lesson is this – with the passing of each year, the awareness that every second counts increases exponentially. Linked with this is an old adage that the older one gets the faster time goes. I am not familiar with any empirical evidence that provides validity to this statement but can attest to the fact that the world flying past the windows is quite blurred as of late.

Yesterday, or so it seems, it was Monday. Between then and now there has been a few meals shared with friends, the recording of several new podcast episodes and the publication of one (Jim Hinckley’s America podcast), completion of the rough draft for another book and initiation of the writing of the first chapter for another one, a few meetings, a revamping of the blog format (did you notice that there is now a tip jar in the top menu bar and in the sidebar for those wanting to leave a little something for the storyteller?), and another Facebook live program.


My dearest friend and I in the home of the late Willem Bor, and his charming wife Monique. Our first meal in the Netherlands was enjoyed in their home.

This won’t come as a surprise to folks who know me but my comfort zone in regards to technology is the era of the Model A Ford. However, an insatiable curiosity and the obsession with continuing the habit of eating on a regular basis pushes me to delve into the intricacies of the 21st century. The most recent manifestation of this is a regularly scheduled Facebook live program that seems to have taken on a life of its own.


It started with curiosity about what this program actually was and wondering if it was suitable venue for a bit of shameless self promotion. At some point the Friday morning (6:45 AM Arizona time) Jim Hinckley’s America program, with a theme song created by the Road Crew, became a phenomena of sorts. I start off with fifteen minutes of news and updates from Route 66 and the Kingman area, and then there is an hour of interviews, laughter, a bit of show and tell, and a contest with the prize being a copy of my latest book, Route 66: America’s Longest Small Town. This past weekend the guest included Steve LeSueur, developer of the innovative Promote Kingman initiative,  Jason Millin of the Kingman Area Chamber of Commerce, and Gregg Arnold, the artist behind world famous Giganticus Headicus. Incredibly, the reach exceed 2,700 people during the program and people were participating from four countries!

As often happens with such amateur endeavors, this is evolving into a professional production. Of course to accomplish that transition there is a need for assistance, an ability to learn from mistakes, and investment of time needed for education as well as for necessary equipment. The latter took the form of a new microphone this week.


Well, now I am committed to the development of a new project. While in Kingman the program will take place at Beale Street Brews on the corner of Fifth and Beale Street. If your in the neighborhood stop by, and if you would like to be a guest, drop me a note. And, when traveling the program will be produced live from the road.

As always your ideas, thoughts, suggestions, and general input are always appreciated. And if your looking for a great way to promote your business, organization, or community, drop me a note and lets talk about sponsorship of advertising opportunities associated with this program or other venues under the Jim Hinckley’s America umbrella. At this juncture I should note that Jim Hinckley’s America is currently sponsored by MyMarketing Designs, the company behind the Promote Kingman initiative, and Grand Canyon Caverns.

While we are on the subject of promotional and marketing opportunities I should note that Promote Kingman is in need of sponsors for the free movie night that will be held in conjunction with Chillin’ on Beale as well as a host hotel for that event. Sponsors for a concert series are also needed. And we are also looking for sponsors to further develop the Jim Hinckley’s America: Trek Along Route 66 video series. A teaser clip on the Promote Kingman Facebook page posted toward the end of last year has been viewed more than 53,000 times. If you would like more information about these sponsorship packages drop me a note or contact Steve at Promote Kingman.

I know quite well that in part that the perception of an ever increasing speed in life is due to some very full days. No complaints, after all most are quite rewarding and on rare days they are even profitable.

Perhaps the increase in speed is merely resultant of being on the downhill side of the hill. Perhaps it is merely a perception based on the ever increasing awareness that in regards to the stages of life, summer is fast giving way to fall. Perhaps it is simply the loss of two very good friends in less than a month. In any case every second counts and I intend to make the best of each and every one of them.

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