It started when a dear friend gently encouraged me

to pursue a childhood dream. That was in 1990. I am still chasing the dream, with gentle encouragement from my dearest friend. To say the very least, it has been a grand adventure, an odyssey worthy of Jason and his band of intrepid and fearless Argonaughts. I digress.

Today’s post, however, is not about the past, but about a future that includes gently encouraging my dearest friend to grasp a recently presented opportunity in pursuit of dreams. More about this exciting development in just a moment.

A new book, 100 Things To Do on Route 66 Before You Die was released on September 1. That is number 18. Filling in the spaces between the writing and publication of books are hundreds and hundreds of features articles, the launch of a video series and a fledgling attempt to kick off a podcast, a YouTube channel, walking tours in the Kingman historic district in support of the Promote Kingman initiative, a Facebook live program, this blog, serving as an impromptu reception committee for Kingman area visitors, presentations on a variety of subjects, and development of a crowd funding patrons program that is crucial to keeping a few of these projects alive.  Become a Patron! 

My dearest friend  and I are more than partners professionally. The entire adventure that has morphed into the Jim Hinckley’s America endeavor is akin to a three-legged race. Our logo that was incorporated into the Jim Hinckley’s America banner created by MyMarketing Designs was her brainchild. She obtained the trademark. She receives credit for a number of the photos in our books, and my presentations. However, at Legends of America, our images are blended together under the Jim Hinckley’s America heading. It is my dearest friend that keeps the home fires burning, tracks the flow of red ink and makes a valiant attempt to balance that with black ink, ensures that I eat when a project consumes my sense of time, and in general serves as a tireless morale officer.

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Well, I am quite pleased to announce that a new chapter is about to begin. In a recent conversation with John McEnulty, principle partner in Grand Canyon Caverns, he noted that a few photos we had might see as prints. It just happens that the photos which piqued his attention were taken by my dearest friend.

So, as a trial run, we are selecting some of her best work taken along Route 66 in western Arizona, and seeking a source for printing and frames. Soon my dearest friend’s work will be on display and for sale at Antares Point Route 66 Visitor Center along with that of Gregg Arnold, creator of Giganticus Headicus. These are exciting times in the house of Hinckley.

John McEnulty, Grand Canyon Caverns, and Steve LeSueur of MyMarketing Designs review Oddities, Attractions & Curiosities, episode two of Jim Hinckley’s America: A Trek Along Route 66.

Meanwhile, I am playing an exhausting game of catch up with a current book project. I am also preparing presentations that will be made in the next few weeks, getting ready for the release of episode two in the video series, finalizing travel arrangements for the October promotional tour, negotiating with sponsors for that trip, and working to develop the patrons program.

To wrap this up, here is a rough schedule for the coming weeks. There is still a bit of room to squeeze in another interview or presentation. However, arrangements would need to be finalized soon. Details on appearances including book signings and presentations will be posted on the Jim Hinckley’s America Facebook page.

September 21, Beale Celebrations in Kingman, 7:00 P.M. the debut of the second video in the Jim Hinckley’s America: A Trek Along Route 66.

September 23, Mohave Museum of History & Arts in Kingman, a presentation on Kingman tourism 1900 to 2020 and a signing of the new book, 100 Things to Do On Route 66 before You Die.  That evening a Promote Kingman walking tour ($15 per person) kicks off from the debut, 6:00 P.M.

October 13, Bookworks in Albuquerque, 6:00 P.M., a Route 66 bucket list presentation and a signing of the new book.

October 14, Plaza Hotel in Las Vegas, New Mexico, a presentation on tourism and economic development. At 3:00 that afternoon, on the opposite side of the plaza, I will be signing books at Tome on the Range.

The plaza in Las Vegas, New Mexico.

October 19-21, Miles of Possibilities Conference in Joliet. I will be making a presentation on Kingman area tourism, 1900 – 2020, and have a booth to with copies of the video series, new books, and promotional materials from along Route 66.

For a full schedule of the fall tour, please drop a note with the request. Travel will consume much of the time but a valiant effort will be made to squeeze in a presentation or book signing, to deface a copy of your book with a signature, or for a cup of coffee and pie.


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