I can not pinpoint exactly when “Telling People Where To Go

since 1990″ became the Jim Hinckley’s America catch phrase. I do know that it has been a running joke for quite some time, and I do know that, judging by the popularity of my books, presentations, and now the video series produced by MyMarketing designs, I seem to have a talent for telling folks where to go.

How popular are my books and videos? Well, they are being sold all along the Route 66 corridor, through Promote Kingman, in book stores internationally, on Amazon.com, and now, Uranus. You might say the video series, Jim Hinckley’s America: A Trek Along Route 66 is out of this world. I just couldn’t resist.

On a more serious note, recently a new reward level was added to our patrons program. It was designed to provide a promotional and marketing service for business owners that have pledged to support my community development initiatives.  The promotional partnership level includes “product placement, an occasional shout out during Facebook live programs and posts, and blog posts as well other promotional opportunities in exchange for your support are just a few of the perks that come with becoming a Jim Hinckley’s America promotional partner. ”

The first business owner to join us at this level was Louie R Keen, the developer of Uranus, Missouri. The owner of this eclectic, fun filled stop takes full advantage of the myriad opportunities for juvenile humor based marketing. The entire complex is a direct link to an era when diverse and unique roadside attractions transformed the roadside into an almost endless side show. Even better, the fudge is superb.

Stay tuned for more from Uranus, and other fun filled roadside stops.



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