With the deadline for the new book fast approaching, and an array of

Traveling home from the first European Route 66 Festival in 2016. Photo Sylvia Hoehn

other projects demanding an inordinate amount of my time, a weekly blog posting is the best I can manage. Still, there are a number of very exciting developments that I just could not wait to share.

Let’s start with the European Route 66 Festival in Zlin, Czech Republic. It has been our plan to attend the event, especially as I had accepted a request to assist with the creation of a Route 66 information booth, and tentatively agreed to make a presentation on Route 66 as well as show the two part Jim Hinckley’s America video series produced by MyMarketing Designs. However, even with the launch of the crowdfunding platform, the cost of the trip made attendance questionable. Yesterday Jim Flynn of Kingman Chevrolet-Buick confirmed sponsorship in the form of airfare, and a couple nights lodging. We still have a ways to go but a major hurdle was cleared. 

The trip to the Czech Republic was but one of numerous ambitious projects to promote the Route 66 community and the small business owners, the artists, the authors, and the community organizers that give it such a sense of vitality that I have simmering on the burner. In July, the tentative schedule calls for attendance of the Texas Welcomes the World Festival where I am to provide service similar to that at the Czech event. In October there is the Miles of Possibility Conference and Cuba Fest.

There is also the 21-day, 21-live program project previously discussed. That endeavor has morphed into something even more spectacular. How would you like an unofficial guided tour on Route 66 that culminates in a big event in Kingman, Arizona? If, and that is still a big IF, this comes together as is currently being planned you will be invited to tag along for all or part of the adventure as your schedule allows. Each morning you would be invited to the Facebook live program and I will make presentations at select locations.  In addition, I will make advance notice of select stops where I would make myself available to answer questions, and to provide introductions to some very interesting people. The key to bringing this project to fruition, as well as a few other projects (such as the long promised podcast) is support of the crowdfunding platform. To lend support simply click the Patreon button at the end of the post and in the right hand column, or follow this link.

Jim Hinckley’s America is about far more than just me telling people where to go, or sending me on adventures. From inception it was envisioned as a means of helping people plan their adventure and for providing promotional support for the small business owner, the artists, the museum directors, and community’s. To date, through the Facebook live programs alone, with supporters of the crowdfunding platform, we have provided international marketing boots to the Mohave Museum of History & Arts, a neon sign restoration project in Needles, California, for the organizers of Chillin’ on Beale and other festivals, and the Art Hub in Kingman, Arizona. In coming weeks we will be focused on providing assistance to some young entrepreneurs and new business owners. You will not want to miss these inspirational programs!

One last note. Thanks to Kari Jo Hill of 66 Auto Sales in Kingman, our first goal with the crowdfunding platform was reached. I am always amazed what just a few dollars a month can do if we pool resources and work together. To each and everyone that has lent support to Jim Hinckley’s America, thank you.


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