It is a God given gift, or so people tell me. I first began

harnessing that gift for telling people where to go in 1990 with the writing and publication of feature articles and books (18 to date with another due for release this year). Initially it was largely viewed as a means to stave off starvation. Then I began to meet the most wonderful and inspirational people. Then those people began to seek me out during their adventures, and to tell their friends to do the same. In turn this led to the promotion of my adopted hometown, Kingman, Arizona, and America’s small town, Route 66.

100 Things To Do On Route 66 Before You Die

The ultimate bucket list - from restaurants to photo ops, from time capsule motels to attractions here are 100 of author Jim Hinckley's favorite places on Route 66


A few years ago the focus shifted. I still write books, one or two a year. Now, however, my attentions have shifted toward the transformation of Kingman, and Route 66, into a major destination. There is the weekly Adventures Club program, often with co host artist Gregg Arnold, using the magic of Facebook live, Promote Kingman initiative walking tours, facilitation of receptions for visiting groups, a YouTube channel, and an array of other venues.

The cornerstone for this network of ambitious endeavors is the premium content site for subscribers, and sponsors. Recently I launched a new endeavor, a travel planning service to provide everything needed to ensure a Route 66 odyssey, for the novice or seasoned traveler, is an unforgettable journey based on individual interests, schedule, and budget. In essence, I am offering to provide everyone with a personal tour guide. The package includes a one hour live conversation via Facebook messenger, and while on the road, a daily five minute question and answer session.

For subscribers to our premium content site there is a 10% discount on this travel planning service. I would quite remiss if it were not noted that subscribers also receive a 10% discount on select travel guides.

Route 66 Travel Planner

Your schedule, your budget, your adventure. This travel planning service includes a one hour Facebook messenger live conference to help you develop a comprehensive Route 66 travel itinerary plus daily assistance while you are on the road.


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