Telling people where to go since 1990, is more than a catchy tongue in cheek slogan. It is the underlying goal of

Introducing a Dutch tour group to the intricacies of driving a 1923 double T Ford truck. Photo Daniel Kuperus

Jim Hinckley’s America; telling people where to go, showing people where to go, helping them plan the trip, and then working to ensure that the trip is memorable. Jim Hinckley’s America is firmly rooted in the great American road trip and adventures on the road less traveled. It is built on adventures behind the wheel of a 1926 Ford, 1946 GMC or rental car along Route 66. It is stories told as Route 66 chronicles. It is journey’s into the Mojave Desert and the old trails in Arizona. It is rooted in the past.

Jim Hinckley’s America is in a state of transition. Bridges are being built to connect the past with the future. The latest endeavor is a complete revamp of the website and social media network linked with expanded YouTube video projects, a new presentation series, the on again off again podcast, a step on guide service, a travel planning service, a travel book store, and of course, new books and feature articles. There is also going to be an expansion of the Patreon based crowdfunding site linked with additional services offered to business and community sponsors.

As a key component to this transition is further development and expansion of the Adventurers Club live programs on the Jim Hinckley’s America Facebook page, I am working overtime to complete the transition before taking to the road in July. So, most of June has been spent learning a bit about website development, installation of Divi Builder and making valiant attempts to understand some of the lingo. It remains a work in progress but as you can see, the website is being transformed albeit slowly. At this juncture I would like some honest input and a bit of constructive criticism. What would you like to see from Jim Hinckley’s America? 

Courtesy Mohave Museum of History & Arts

That takes us to travel plans. In July we take to the road again to kick off a new series of presentations. First stop is the Texas Welcomes the World Festival in Shamrock, Texas. Next, the second European Route 66 Festival in Zlin, Czech Republic. On the heels of this event is the Los Angeles County Fair, Cuba Fest in Cuba, Missouri, and the Miles of Possibility Conference in Carlinville, Illinois.

I am quite confident that the new presentations will prove to be quite popular. One of the presentations traces the evolution of iconic Route 66 commencing with the 19th century League of American Wheelman, a bicyclists organization, and their role in the creation of the Good Roads Movement. It then follows the development of the National Old Trails Road, the creation of the U.S. highway system, and the transformation of Route 66 from highway to icon that is now a favored bicycle corridor.

The second presentation will accompany my forthcoming book, Bloody 66. This presentation, as with the book, will be a walk on the dark side of Route 66, and the National Old Trails Road; murder,mayhem, natural disaster, and horrendous auto wrecks.

Jim Hinckley’s America is always an adventure. It is also a shared adventure. Stay tuned, my friends. Things are about to get very interesting.




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