Jackson, Michigan, is linked to a number of fascinating, or dubious (dependent on perspective) historic incidents. Did you know that
the first official meeting of a political group calling themselves Republican was held in Jackson on July 6, 1854? Did you know that the first Michigan prison opened in this city in 1838, and that by the mid 1880’s it was the largest walled prison in the world?

The historic state prison in Jackson, Michigan. Photo copyright Jim Hinckley’s America

Here is another little historic tidbit. The Jackson Corset Co. established in 1884 was the largest manufacturer of corsets in the United States by the mid 1890’s.

It is the city’s automotive history that is automotive history that is is the the subject of today’s post. There was a brief moment during the infancy of the automotive industry when Jackson gave Detroit a run for the title of Motor City. Between 1899 and the onset of the Great Depression more than 20 manufacturers operated in the city, and in addition there were numerous companies that produced automotive or industrial components.

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