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Urban Exploration In Arizona

But ongoing issues pertaining to incarceration were not the only crime related news stories to garner headlines in papers throughout the territory of Arizona, or even nationally. At 2:00 in the afternoon of January 19, 1907, C.C. Leigh was hung in the yard of the Mohave County Jail. This was the culmination of a two-year legal battle that had often been the subject of national headlines.And to the best of my knowledge, it was the only hanging on the square at the Mohave County Courthouse.

From The Shadows To The Spotlight

Well, the verdict is in. Author Cheryl Eichar Jett who is also an historian, playwright, founder and President, Route 66 Miles of Possibility, and Associate Editor, ROUTE Magazine, sent an email last evening. She shared the results of the survey from the recent Miles...

Oddities, Opportunities’ & Interesting Stories

But there is a back story that makes the Rittenhouse guide book even more fascinating. His choice of vehicle for the trip was a diminutive 1200-pound, 22-horsepower 1939 American Bantam coupe! These little cars well quite fuel frugal. Some professional drivers tested the cars and often averaged 45 miles per gallon. 

Lost Highways, Time Capsules & Ghost Towns

But this has been an adventure on lost highways lined with ghost towns. It has been a voyage of discovery as we found not one, but two great places for superb enchiladas. And on our journey through the desolate Panhandle of Oklahoma, we discovered the charming and delightful Vanilla Bean Cafe in Alva. 

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And Then It Was Winter

And Then It Was Winter

I believe it was Charles Kuralt that said the interstate highway system made it possible to drive coast to coast and see nothing. That is an opinion that I share. And it was an opinion verified on this trip, until today. After several days spent on the interstate...

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Not Our Best Aventure (And Not Our Worst)

It has been a voyage of discovery. The Cactus Rose Taproom on Main Street in McLean, Texas is a new addition in this faded old town. I will need to verify this, but purportedly it is the first bar in the town's history. And hands down it is one of most unusual...

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Route 66 – No Mere Highway

Route 66 is not America’s most scenic highway. And there are a number of American highways that link Norman Rockwell type towns where the neon still glows bright. But there is only one Route 66 infused with an infectious magic.

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An Edsel For The 21st Century

An Edsel For The 21st Century

Age is a funny thing. As an example, several years ago I was visiting the Automobile Driving Museum in El Segundo, California where they literally take you for a drive. One of the vehicles on display was an AMC Pacer, a car that had been dubbed the fishbowl when I was...

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