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Route 66 – No Mere Highway

Route 66 is not America’s most scenic highway. And there are a number of American highways that link Norman Rockwell type towns where the neon still glows bright. But there is only one Route 66 infused with an infectious magic.

Unlikely Friendships & Colorful Characters

And if you think that Harpo Marx, Gary Cooper, and Clark Gable was an odd friendship, did you know that Groucho Marx and Alice Cooper were pretty good friends? That, amigos, is a story for another day.

An Edsel For The 21st Century

Age is a funny thing. As an example, several years ago I was visiting the Automobile Driving Museum in El Segundo, California where they literally take you for a drive. One of the vehicles on display was an AMC Pacer, a car that had been dubbed the fishbowl when I was...
Road Trips, Paychecks & Good Friends

Road Trips, Paychecks & Good Friends

Over the years I have tried various ways to earn a dollar. Except for the stories and the friends made along the way, I never got rich. There was a brief time that it looked like politics might be the meal ticket. I was the committeeman for my district, and was...

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A Front Row Seat

For the past few days I have had the distinct pleasure of enjoying a visit with old friends, and an adventure or two reminiscent of the pre apocalypse era. For a brief moment in time I was able to forget monkey pox, COVID related issues, murder hornets, meth gators,...

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A Burro By Any Other name

A Burro By Any Other name

Walter is the honorary mayor in Oatman, Arizona, a ghost town on Route 66 that is often busier than Time Square on New Years Eve. I had the distinct pleasure of meeting him this past weekend during a book signing at Jackass Junction. I would be remiss if it were not...

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Hard Times, Good Times & Changing Times

A posse of miners and livery hands set out in pursuit, and soon ran down the bandits. The legend is that in the ensuing gun battle McAllen was killed, and his partner apprehended, tried, and sent to the territorial prison in Yuma. But the strongbox was missing and has never been found.

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A One Armed Legend

At just eighteen years of age he began honing his reputation as a fearless lawman while riding the Big Bend country as a Texas Ranger. His exploits were legendary. And neither his career or his adventures came to an end with a gunfight in Fairbank, Arizona that cost...

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Passing of The Torch

He could have been anywhere between sixty and two hundred years of age. All I knew at the time is that he seemed to be older than rope. He looked like a piece of twisted, deeply creased sun dried leather and had a gruff personality to match. For a kid that was already...

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