Less than twenty pre 1957 Checker built vehicles are known to exist.

I opened an episode of Car Talk From the Main Street of Americaa Jim Hinckley’s America podcast by saying, “Well, on today’s episode of Car Talk from The Main Street of America, I will introduce you to the illustrious and mysterious Mr. Markin. And I will share a condensed version of the story behind the creation of an American icon – the Checker cab. This is a twisted tale of corporate intrigue, shady characters, arson, embezzlement, and unsolved mysteries and unanswered questions. It is a story about innovation, and of not one but immigrants that went from rags to riches.”

For more than twenty years, the Jim Hinckley’s America tag line has been, “Telling People Where to Go Since 1990.” With the launch of this podcast we have added to that with the slogan “…and sharing America’s story.”

Jim Hinckley’s America was conceived as a means to inspire road trips, and to ensure that the books I wrote sold. It continues to evolve as a multifaceted travel planning portal.

Now, with Coffee With Jiman interactive travel program, we have two podcasts. And, of course, we have this website with regularly scheduled blog posts, presentations, speaking engagements, and book signings.

That takes us to the upcoming fall Heartland of America tour sponsored in part by Visit Tucumcari NM. We will be stopping at book stores along the way to add a signature, and then share updates on places that sell autographed copies. An updated schedule of appearances is on the home page for this website.

And the tour will be a highlight of a special contest that kicks off on October 1. There will be three winners who will recieve a copy of one of my latest books – Here We Are….On Route 66, Murder and Mayhem on The Main Street of America: Tales From Bloody 66, The Backroads of Route 66. In a nutshell here is how it works.

If you see the Jim Hinckley’s America vehicle with this sign grab a picture. Then post it on social media using the hashtag #jimhinckleysamerica.

As a bonus, get a selfie with Jim Hinckley and this sign, and ask for a Route 66 souvenir. And then post the picture with that hastag. A random drawing will be held the first of November.

And don’t forget, the Jim Hinckley’s America tour car is also a rolling book store and a travel planning center. I will have copies of books, and materials such as visitors guides and rack cards from Route 66 communities or businesses.

But don’t plan to just find Jim on Route 66. Tentative plans call for stops in Kansas, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Texas. But if we hear of an interesting museum, a quirky site that piques the interest, or an inspirational person who has a story to share it’s possible we will show up in South Dakota, Wisconsin or even Louisiana.

Podcasts will be prerecorded, just in case we encounter technical issues or restrictive schedule. But the plans are for live Coffee With Jim programs from the road. And we also plan on recording some interesting programs for Car Talk From The Main Street of America. 

And so the countdown begins!

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